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Is it safe to buy Gabapentin online?

Gabapentin, originally known under the brand name neurontin is used for the treatment of epileptic seizures. It is licensed for use in both children and adults with epilepsy; starting from age 2 according to the UK medicines formulary for children (BNFC).

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In recent times gabapentin has become popular among consumers for neuropathic pain and migraine relief. This sudden increase in its use for pain occurred as a result of tramadol being re-classed as a controlled drug in many countries. This has increased the sale of gabapentin online especially in the US and Canada. In Europe buying medicines online is still a new trend.

It is important to be aware of the side effects and monitoring of medicines when buying from online. We recommend that before buying medicines on a website, you should have already been established on the medicine by your primary care doctor. This will allow them to monitor your response to the medication both long and short term. Gabapentin has common side effects such as Abdominal pain; abnormal reflexes; abnormal thoughts; acne; amnesia; anorexia; anxiety; arthralgia; ataxia; confusion; constipation; convulsions; cough; depression; diarrhoea; dizziness;

Is it safe to buy gabapentin online?

In the UK, strict online pharmacy regulations means most pharmacies are abiding by MHRA and GPhC rules. Some of these pharmacies are also registered with other health regulators as required by the law. Our pharmacy supplies medicines just as any brick and mortar chemist on the high street, with the same standards and quality of medicine. When shopping online the most important information to look out for on a pharmacy’s website is the EU common logo provided by MHRA; this means that the authority has the companies details on file and has verified that they are a registered pharmacy. This logo must be displayed on every page of the website, for most websites you can find this in the footer or header.