Modafinil UK & USA – What You Need To Know

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Modafinil UK | In the UK Modafinil is used for the treatment of excessive sleepiness associated with narcolepsy with or without cataplexy. However, it is not recommended as a nootropic or smart drugs as people in other parts of the world use it for. Your doctor will only prescribe this for you if you have excessive sleepiness and not as a smart drug. The exact mechanism by which it performs its action is not however researchers believe that modafinil promotes wake mechanism by using a number of chemicals in the brain.

Like all drugs, modafinil is associated with several side effects of which some are a headache, back pain, nervousness etc. Due to such side effects, it is recommended that you do not use modafinil unless it was prescribed by your doctor. Do not use your friend’s modafinil for other benefits such as its nootropic effects; as its side effects may be serious.

Modafinil is available as 100mg and 200mg, the original brand name is Provigil and you can buy this online from pill doctor as our doctors will ask you a few questions about your suitability for this medication.

If you would like to know the full dosage requirements and the interactions it can cause when used with other medications please use this link from the BNF.


Do I Need A Prescription To Buy Codeine Phosphate?

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Codeine phosphate is a painkiller used for moderate to severe pain in adults over 12 years, it is part of the opiate painkillers. The risk of addiction and dependence on using opioid-based painkillers is high compared to others.

Codeine is normally prescribed by your doctor after all other painkillers have proven ineffective, however, in some situations, your pharmacist can also recommend over the counter codeine based products for use.

Once in a pharmacy, you may find that codeine is available as a linctus and also in combination with paracetamol and other formulations. You need to follow your pharmacist or doctors recommendations when it comes to the dose to use, you can also read about codeine from the BNF.

You need to have a prescription before you can buy codeine phosphate 30mg in a pharmacy in the UK, however, the introduction of our approved online doctor service means no prescription needs as long as you can show that you have been medically examined by your regular doctor. You will only be required to complete an online consultation question by our doctors.

Where Can You Buy Saxenda Without A Prescription

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Saxenda is the new and famous weight loss injection that helps to decrease BMI and improve weight. The main ingredient is liraglutide, Saxenda causes the pancreas to produce insulin in the body, several other pathways are activated, which in turn suppresses appetite. You can only use Saxenda if you are obese or seriously overweight, i.e. people with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 kg/m2 or higher with one or more specific risk factors such as diabetes or high blood pressure. have recently added Saxenda to its range of weight loss treatments,  This means you will be able to order safely Saxenda without a prescription from our EU doctors.

Without a Prescription?

You can order Saxenda without a prescription from The process is very simple and does not require you to have a prior prescription before you place and order with us.  Because Saxenda is a prescription-only medicine you will be required to complete online consultations with and EU based doctor who can provide you with an online prescription. This is done via a medical questionnaire that you are requested to fill in on our website. Based on the information that you provide, the doctor will determine if you are a candidate for Saxenda. In some cases we may require a a photographic image of the patient as well as an ID and BMI.

Beware of Fake Saxenda

If you want to buy saxenda online there are a few credentials you need to see on the website, the main one being the MHRA EU Common logo. Saxenda is an expensive weight loss medication so beware that people will try and sell you fake versions to try and make money. I assure that only utilises UK approved wholesalers as we use pharmacies that are approved by the GPhC.

Be suspicious of cheap and fast checkout process.

Do not buy saxenda from social media platforms as these could be fake.

Is it safe to buy Gabapentin online?

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Gabapentin, originally known under the brand name neurontin is used for the treatment of epileptic seizures. It is licensed for use in both children and adults with epilepsy; starting from age 2 according to the UK medicines formulary for children (BNFC).

Buy Gabapentin Online Now

In recent times gabapentin has become popular among consumers for neuropathic pain and migraine relief. This sudden increase in its use for pain occurred as a result of tramadol being re-classed as a controlled drug in many countries. This has increased the sale of gabapentin online especially in the US and Canada. In Europe buying medicines online is still a new trend.

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Mysimba UK

Mysimba vs Xenical (Orlistat) – what you need to know

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Mysimba vs Xenical

Mysimba is the new appetite suppressant in the horizon, it contains the active ingredients Naltrexone and Bupropion. It is used for the management of weight loss along with a low calorie diet and exercise.

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