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Do I need a prescription (Rx) to order?

NO. You are not required to provide a prescription with your order as a prescription will be issued based on the integrity of your consultation answers.

Is the Packaging discreet ?

Parcels are sent in discreet packaging with no labels on the pack; there are no indications of what the package contains.

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

Yes we offer this payment method to all our customers.

Is Bitcoin a Secure Payment method?

Yes, Bitcoin is a digital currency and is just like any other currency but it has two main characteristics such as Decentralisation and Pseudonymity – meaning that Bitcoin payments are not governed by any financial institutions and users do not need to identify themselves when paying with Bitcoin. Understand how to make payment with your credit or debit card here

What name will appear on my Bank Statement?

Once you make the payment, it will NOT show as Cheap Meds, we will email you with the annotation that will appear on your credit card statement.

How can I be sure the medicine is Genuine?

We certainly use the same suppliers as the ones your favorite high street pharmacy also uses.

How many days before I get a refund?

Once an order is refunded it takes 72Hrs for the funds to clear in your account, in a few cases refund can take up to 7 working days.

How long does it take to get my medication?

It will take between 7-14 working days for you to recieve your medication, so please order in advance before you run out.

Why does it take so long to receive the orders?

Your order is dispatched by EU pharmacies, which means at the time of placing the order we will use any of the pharmacies who has got the medication in stock. This means that, sometimes you may be lucky enough to have your order delivered in 2 working days, however the next order could be 7 working days or more.

Can I expect confidentiality of service?

All medical information and order accounts are entirely confidential and can only be accessed by our medical doctors and staff.
View our Privacy Policy for further information.